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Rossi - James Sinclair

Rossi’s has been making premium ice cream, with a long-standing heritage, since 1932.

We now also make great tasting coffee, mouth watering slush & sweets, and freshly baked bread, pastries & desserts.

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Strawberry Napoli Ice Cream

Ice Cream & Slush

Ice cream is delicious. But ice cream that has been around for over 80 years must be even better, right?

Rossi's Ice Cream has been making the same traditional Italian recipe since 1932. If you want to experience a taste sensation like no other then have a Rossi, we use only the best quality ingredients to make our award-winning ice cream.

You can enjoy over 20 mouthwatering flavours, so there really is something for everyone!

Sweets in a glass jar


We all know that a sweet treat is a perfect way to lift everyone’s spirits, but sometimes it’s hard to find a place where you can buy amazing sweets.

When we were kids there was always a corner shop on our street that had sweets in the window and we could pop into whenever we wanted. Nowadays shops like this are few and far between

To get back to those days we decided to stock all the best sweets from our childhoods and beyond.

Rossi Italian Roast


Good coffee is hard to find. Most of the time it’s either way too bitter or just tastes burnt.

We are tired of drinking bad tasting coffee and wanted to do something about it, which is why we created Rossi Coffee.

Our beans are roasted in small batches by hand so that we can ensure a perfect roast every single time! And with our café packs the coffee stays fresh for longer.

With Rossi’s delicious blends there’s no need for sweeteners or creamers because they’re already as smooth as silk and full of bold flavour. You won’t believe how good quality beans can taste until you try them yourself.

Organic and Handmade bread in a basket


Most bakeries use frozen dough and pre-made fillings to make their baked goods.

This is a shame because it takes the soul out of baking.

Rossi Pâtisserie uses only the freshest ingredients, from scratch each day, to create our delicious breads, pastries and desserts. It’s this freshness that makes our products so special.

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